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Oh...uh...sorry this hasn't been updated in a while.
But you wanna see some old news? Then read on!

Sept 8, 05

Oh my GOD I'm mentioned in the ICE PACK! ... "MUSKY"?! Well, I guess he could've done much worse. (Am I really musky?) Anyhow, I notice I haven't shared any news with you in a long time. I am sorry. I've been working a lot on the mystery room floor lately. I went up to Scranton last Saturday to pick up some hardwood floor. Check out sometime. Yes, I'm too lazy to link it for you. But that's where I got the wood.
I've also been busy mastering a totally great double cd for our good friend Rich Wexler. go here:
This cd compilation of (primarily) West Philly acts makes me proud to be a card carrying member of the West Philly music scene, and gives me hope for the future. Hope to see you at the Rotunda for our show promoting said cd compilation!


Aug, 03, 05

Some sad news for fans of IgnorantMichigan Onyx that dog has passed away after a long stuggle with dog cancer. Poor thing. He was a good dog. And he had his day. He will be missed very much at the studio.


July 18, 05

This weekend construction has finally began on the new MYSTERY ROOM FLOOR! Pretty exciting stuff! I plan to make it a big emtpy room for dancing, music, yoga, exercise, roller skating, standing on your head, big monster drum sounds, etc...
Also, played my Rhodes piano at a fun gig at the Tritone Saturday for my friends band, The Satan's. They're not Satanic, really, unless you consider all rock music satanic.
I'm also saddened to see that one of my favorite bands is disbanding. Stucco Lobster Breadbox These guys are so funny and great. The Philadelphia "Music Scene" and the world at large, will be diminished by their absence. Better go see'm.

July 11, 05

My friend John left a message,"Hey Todd, Says here in the City Paper you're playing at the Fire tomorrow night..." I had no idea! Well, these things happen. Someone told someone else to call me but no one ever followed up, I suppose. Hard to believe musicians wouldn't have their b-i bizness together. Well, there was no jam this weekend so, why not? I played the Fire. It's a great listening room, lemme tell ya. I played solo this time. My band was vacationing. Played the new songs. Such nice folks at the Fire.

July 4th, 05.

Saw Live 8 this weekend. It was fun. 1 million people singing the Prince Of Bel Air.
Hadda nice jam session on Sunday. Hoppy the Frog was there.
Spent the 4th grilling on my roof with friends watching Elton John sing the words Rocket Man over and over, from the safety of our own tv.

June 26
Jen just informed that what this page was meant to be for was when I get mentioned in the news. Ooooh. Well, here'a little press I've gotten this week:
City Paper
Welcomemat Oo! I mean PW.
And this, too. I'm feature in a pod cast! Daily News
and here, too.
Philly Feed

No jam session this weekend. But I did get together with Death Tarte and Melissa to work out vocals for our big Khyber pass show this Monday. It got some press! I guess there'll be some people there. It could be our big break. hahahaha. Anyhow. We're going to perform "Rabid." It's a new song I'm working on. You can hear me working on it if you go to the downloads page. Why not come out an see how we're doing with it?

June 20
We had a fun jam this weekend in the Mystery Room. Bill Who-Cares-What-You-Think Hangley showed up. Along with the regular cast. Oh, and Michelle from Lipstick Lesbian came over with her boyfriend Anand! I'm going to post some Lipstick Lesbian songs soon. That'll be a treat. And does anybody know who Linda is? This lady keeps calling me and leaving this message. Sounds like she really needs Linda. Thank you.

June 14
Got some really great records from Bristol, Pa this weekend. I needed to get up there to get some Victrola needles. A word about collecting 78's: Kids, don't get started. You'll only want more and more. You can never get enough records and before too long, the regular records won't be good enough. You'll need to find bebop, then blues, and old country... It's a dead end street. Another example of how music will ruin your life! Anyway, I found a Miles Davis with Charlie Parker and Max Roach on Savoy for $2! Plus some other great records that I will soon post in the Listening Room as soon as I get the files converted. I'd like to tell you where I got them, but I really don't want you to get into this sick record habit. Really. Don't start.

June 7
Nice Weekend! Had a solo gig at the Mill Creek. The crowd wasn't really a 'listening' crowd. Made me wish I had practiced some of my loud screaming songs. Stucco Lobster Breadbox was as great as ever. Although, I think they need Dennis back in the band. He made a brief guest return and suddenly the place was nuts. If you've never seen him run around as Grimace, well, you should, that's all. He's one of those people that makes comedy look so easy.
We had a fun jam this weekend with Hoagy. I'm going to post mp3's of out takes from the jam session. Please check back soon. Maybe Wednesday night.

May 30
This long Memorial day weekend started with a great jam session. Rob came in from Portland OR to beat all of us in pool.
Our good friend Evan walked up the block. John regaled us with a story about an itch. Everyones happy when there's a theremin around. Jen watched a little bit of Star Wars and actually liked it!

The next day, Jen and the entire Duhan family went up to our record selling friend's house in New Hope to buy records and spend a peaceful night in the country. He told me that he was envious of El Watson record my brother sent me from Alabama and that it is probably worth around $100! My brother paid about $3 for it. I'm going to post an mp3 of it in the 'downloads' section soon. You'll be happy you checked it out. It totally rock's a mules behind. Then a bunch of stuff happened.

The next day, Jen took me to ringing rocks. I'd always heard about ringing rocks and always knew I'd wind up there one day. Ringing Rocks is a park near New Hope where thousands of years ago, back when man was riding on dinosaurs with sadles (sorry no link yet), rocks from a glacier stopped here and ring like a bells when hit with hammers.

It's great fun for kids and hippies.

May 20
I saw so many good bands this weekend. My Band played at the Fire with a band called Chromolodian. They were like video game music. The next night we also played at the Rotunda. There was this crazy good classical guitar player... I wish I could remember his name...Otoņo Brujo! I could listen to him all night. And then we heard Cheese on Bread. They were totally bang. I went back the next day to see my friends Like Moving Insects. I also saw Ben Morgan's new band Careful Little hands. And who else...? OH! AMY PICKARD! Formerly of She Haw. She's from Kingsport, Tennessee, real close to where I grew up (Bristol). Her songs were really soothing and beautiful. I hope we do more gigs together. Also saw Todd Starlin's girlfriend's band. It great to see so many bands in one weekend and not a one of them sucked.

May 12
I dunno, maybe this is a blog or something. I had a great party here at my place last weekend. My brother stopped by from Alabama! (see the photos link) There must've been 40 people there. I wish it had gone on for 8 days so I could've gotten around to talking to everyone. Patty G took some pictures. I'm going to try and get them from her so I can post them here.

May 6th

Hey! It's my own website! I'm so psyched. I'm going to put up lot's of audio real soon, so I hope you'll come back to check it out.

New songs that I'm recording at the "space", things that other people are recording there, the Saturday night jam sessions, and my favorite 78 records. I've got a whole gig of space to fill up!

Please email me with any comments you might have.