My "Anne Thorogood"

There aren't too many of these, that's for sure! I met Anne Thorogood and became good friends with her in the early 90's. She's nothing like her brother. (Yes, her brother is the famous George Thorogood) She's a musician yet, she plays keyboard and writes these beautiful baroque like melodies. To see her, you certainly would think that you're looking at a rock star's sister. She's rather unassuming and looks like a typical Mom from Delaware.

I haven't seen her in about... jeez, 16 years. I hope she's doing well.

But anyhow, she is also an artist. This is an original pen and ink that she gave to me. I think it looks like George. I was never a George Thorogood fan until I met her. Then I saw him in a different light. She used to tell me how hard he would work on learning guitar and the blues.

If you look closely, you can see her signature.