Beat the Table


Pool Solitaire

a pool game I made up


To play beat the table, first get yourself a pool table.


Scratch on the break... the table wins.

Miss three shots in a row... the table wins.

Scratch twice... you guessed it.the table wins.

All rules that apply to the EIGHT BALL in the game of EIGHT BALL apply to the EIGHT BALL.

You may shoot at any ball. Any combination.

You may not shoot at the same ball twice in a row. That's lame. But the table forgives combinations.

And all slop shots count.


The balls are racked for each game.



I wrote down these set of rules for a pool game late one night about a year ago. It's a simple yet challenging game. It came out of having a pool table in my basement and no around to play. Now all my friends play it and try to beat the table. It gives the player a chance to be alone with the table. It also makes for a fast moving game, as opposed to 8-ball which could last forever. To play with other people, count the number of balls you sink before losing to the table. The number of balls you sink equal your number of points that the next player must beat. Keep score on a piece of paper. Any number of people can play. Have Beat the Table pool nights. It's fun!

Some of my friends are pool sharks and can beat the table rather easily. To those people, I suggest tightening the rules a bit. The first rule to tighten is the Scratch Twice rule: You scratch once, you lose. There's also the problem of the eight ball. Since the original rules read that you must play it like the Eight ball, then perhaps you should only get one shot at the EightBall at the end of the game, since it doesn't seem right that you get three shots at the Eight ball.

If you're a real pro, then play no misses at all and all shots must be called.

Good luck! Tell me if you like the game or if you have any questions about the rules.