I used to be really into big arena rock, that's what rock was all about. That passed, I got over that, and then I was really into the music that was happening in small clubs. Now that's even run it's course. Now what I'm really interested in is the music happening in my own garage...

Long Playing Album

First Installment of the longest psychedelic album in the world. Hang with it. It gets better toward the end.

2ndInstallment of the longest psychedelic album in the world. This one was recorded on New Years and mixed by our own Hoppy the Frog.

Are you liking these? I am. I don't know why... Well then, here's another! Track 8 of the long playing album. My thinking here is that the history of recording has always governed the size of the music piece. i.e. 78rpm records were about 3 minutes long, so artists would write music that was about 3 minutes long. The long playing record came along and artists recorded music with a 45 minute time limit in mind. Now days, there's no limit to how long a recording could be. I think it's time artists started writing music that last for days on end. That's what I'm doing...

This is my favorite so far. It's called Onion Girl There's a terrific anonymous guitar solo toward the end. Anyone know who that could be? 'Brownie' from WNOC?

******************************************************** Other stuff happening

I think the next big trend in music is going to be dog bands. I present to you: IgnorantMichigan

I've recently been recording a vocal duo named Death Tarte. [Listen]

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this song are not necessarrily the views of Todd Young and his Rock Band.

Here's a band that came over to rehearse the other night called Mortimer Feldspar.

If you'd like to book them, you can contact me.

Mortimer Feldspar #1

Mortimer Feldspar #2