Hrobak's Beverages!

One of the only cool things that we found in the mystery room was this bottle and two of these giant metal hooks. Damned if I know what was originally in the bottle. All it says is "Hrobak's Delicious Beverages!" Must've been delicious. Looks to be from the 40's or 50's. (Anybody out there know anything about Hrobak's?) It's amazing to me that we didn't shatter the bottle with our pick axes as we excavated the mystery room. On the back, in these groovy raised letters, it tells how Hrobak's beverages are made from the "finest ingredients, in the most sanitary, up to date plant." Still nothing about what was actually in the bottle! It even gives the address of the plant which was on Ridge Ave, a few blocks from where I live. There's nothing there now. A parking lot or something.

I looked it up online and found out the bottle was worth $40!! WOW! I'm rich! Who knows, maybe in a few years it'll be worth $47?

There is a hardware store close to where the plant once stood. Once I was in there and I noticed the nametag on the teenage cashier girl said "Cathy (?) Hrobak." This was unusual to me because a) I'd never heard of anyone with that name before. b) Only on the bottle had I seen that name before. And c) the hardware store is really close, I mean, close enough to perhaps be the actual site of the Hrobak factory! I wanted to tell the young girl about the bottle I found in my crazy mystery room that had been sealed up for decades, how it was the only cool thing in this huge pile of rubble, and that's it really unusual because the factory must've stood very close to where we were standing... But she seemed pretty busy and looked like she would've responded with, "WhatEvrrrrr."