The Mystery Room

When I went to buy my house, because of the way our town is built on a hill, I had to walk around the back of the house and stand about a half block away to view the crumbly back wall of the building. What I saw was very puzzling. It looked like an ancient ruin, with large bricked over factory windows. What I thought was the first floor was actually the SECOND FLOOR! That meant that there was a whole first floor that was not accesable to me. I asked the fellow who sold the house, "Yo! (being in Philly, we say "Yo" a lot) what's the deal with the first floor of the building. He said, "Oh, that's just a crawl space, it's filled with rubble. You don't want to get in there. Trust me."

But it just seemed to big to be a crawl space. I couldn't let it go at that. I simply had to find out what was in that room!