The Leonard Tose Pool Table

Some time ago, Jen's Dad bought a house from the famous gambler and Philadelphia bon vivant, Leonoard Tose. In the basement of the house was a 10 foot Brunswick Pool table which dates back to the 1890's. The table was covered in stacks of books and very moldy. Jen and I had always played pool as a passtime. Pool had become a fascination of mine. Each time we would visit the house I tried to make my way somehow downstairs to the dank dark basement and just look at the old pool table. We would beg them, is there somehow we could get that pool table out of there? "Oh no no no, it is much too heavy. Once we had 10 football players try to lift it and they could not." In fact, playing cards fell out of the cracks in the table on this occasion. I would explain that there were professionals who could move the table but the conversation would always veer off in to some other direction.

Then came the time when Jen's Dad had to sell the house. The realtors told them that the table would add lot's of value to the house. But months went by and the house didn't sell. Then the realtor said, "Clean out the house! It's all got to go!" Well, here was our chance! All we needed to do was find some table movers! Not so fast. Jen looked up the area needed to around the table in order to play on a table that size and it looked as though we were not going to have enough room! I couldn't believe it. It was such a huge room. Now way we don't have enough room! I literally fell ill the next day. When I recovered, I picked up a sledge hammer and started knocking down walls in the downstairs room till, by God, there was enough room for that pool table!

Now, the table is a 10 foot table. They don't make them that big anymore! The table movers that we called would say, "If I get there and that's a 10 foot table, I'm going back home!" The slate for this table is 1 3/4 " thick! Extremely heavy. Well, we finally found some young stocky guys to move it. And this fellow (pictured above) Davo, to felt it. We lucked out. I'd always wanted a pool table in my house. It's the biggest pool table in Manayunk, I'm sure.